with ordinary business
intelligence, what you
can’t see CAN hurt you.

10,000 restaurants can’t be wrong.

Our business intelligence system was born in
the world's toughest operating environment.

we work well with others.

Out-of-the-box solutions that work
seamlessly with any software.

it's never been
easier to know what
you want to know.


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Fast, easy and flexible Xformity restaurant business intelligence software gives you 2%  per-unit profit improvement with real-time data control and accounting management from one mobile device.

xformity-tabletClick on the image to see how Xformity works for you

With Xformity, you set the rules.  Then it does the drilling:

  • Choose from a host of business intelligence modules working reliably as a system.
  • Create specific performance objectives against customized goal outcomes.
  • Pinpoint details quickly to identify exceptions for immediate corrective measures.

Consumable, deployable and actionable from a single mobile device,  Xformity is business intelligence that just keeps getting smarter.


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